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Get rid of premature ejaculation


According to Wikipedia men typically ejaculate in 4-8 minutes. Official premature ejaculation classification says that men who come within 15 seconds suffer from premature ejaculation historically known as Ejaculatio Praecox. Maybe it’s just me, but both of the numbers are pretty unimpressive. Wouldn’t it be great to last half an hour in bed? Guess what it’s possible, if…

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How to Get a Tighter Vagina for MAXIMUM Pleasure


Myths and Facts Many women fear their vagina will get stretched out or become“too loose” after having sex with a well-hung guy or after sleeping with a large number of partners. Relax! The yoni is made of a stretchy elastic material and snaps right back after having sex. The vagina itself is made up of…

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Four Ways to Blow His Mind


Hit His Erogenous Zones Did you know that certain parts of the body have an extremely high concentration of nerve endings? These spots are extra sensitive and respond dramatically to touch, pressures, and vibrations. Touch them right, and they’ll send your partner over the edge. While some of these spots, called erogenous zones, are easy…

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What is a Pickup Artist and How to Become One?


You must have heard the word pickup artist, commonly known as PUA. But what is a pickup artist and how you can become successful at picking up the hottest ladies in the bar, club, or anywhere for that matter? Most people think of a pick-up artist as a nightclub prowler, dressed like a rich businessman,…

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Natural Ways to Get a Harder Erection


The eternal quest of men is how to increase the overall size, hardness, and stamina of your erections. Do you know why? Because: Nothing is more embarrassing than a flaccid penis when you’ve undressed the hottest woman you’ve always desired. That’s the last thing you’d want to happen. But if it has already happened to you,…

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Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Testosterone Level Naturally


The internet is teeming with well-written articles on the topic of that much sought after and sometimes elusive entity found predominantly in men known as the happy hormone—testosterone. It truly is a mood enhancer. Have you ever wondered why men have never gained the reputation of being (pardon my French) “bitchy?” Women only possess small…

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